The Cannavore™ System

Micron has developed the world’s first compliant cannabis waste management system that denatures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in the waste streams. The CannavoreTM is an integrated cannabis waste shredder, microbial digester, and water treatment system. It is designed to operate outside of the facility and has safeguards to prevent biological contamination in the cultivation facility.

The industrial-grade Cannavore™ pulverizes and renders cannabis waste using a blend of microbes and enzymes designed and developed by Micron. Importantly, as part of Micron’s full-system waste treatment platform, effluent from the digester is further treated to generate clean potable water which can be reused in growing operations.

Any APIs in the cannabis waste are treated via a proprietary process to denature cannabinoids, mitigating environmental liability caused by the discharge and bio-accumulation in aquatic species. Micron’s aerobic bioprocess does not generate methane, and further reduces greenhouse gas emissions caused by landfilling and hauling.

Key Features

Water Treatment

The water effluent produced by the Cannavore™ meets effluent sewer discharge standards set out in the bylaws of major Canadian cities, the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, the Official Journal of the European Union, and the Australian Guidelines for Sewerage Systems. This clean effluent can be further treated using reverse osmosis, so that potable water can be recycled for cultivation operations.


Because the Cannavore™ requires minimal supervision, cultivators can reposition key personnel to value-added activities instead of overseeing waste management and hauling.

Regulatory Compliance

A PLC system with a touch screen interface monitors the digestion process, keeping statistics on waste weight, usage, diagnostics, and service schedules. Data is stored in the cloud, providing real-time access and monitoring.

Additional features

● On-site treatment
● Small footprint
● 48-hour cycle time
● Continuous process – waste can be added at any time
● Quiet, clean and odour-free