A Smarter Way To Deal With Organic Waste

Micron provides a clean technology solution for organic waste while ensuring municipal sewage discharge standards are met.

Current Issues

Government leaders today face the challenge of balancing sustainable economic growth with responsible environmental management. Organic waste can cause environmental harm and pose a public health risk.

Existing Municipal Waste Disposal Methods May Cause Harm

The discharge of water containing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) into municipal sewers may contravene environmental protection regulations. Exposure to cannabinoid residues in aquatic environments as a result of untreated sewage or aging water treatment plants, where API removal efficiency is as low as 31%, increases the risk of bio-accumulation in aquatic species. Habitat degradation and contamination may also occur, resulting in alteration of the abundance and diversity of aquatic organisms.

Our Solutions

Micron has developed a proprietary organic waste management system called the Organivore™ which processes organic waste directly on-site and converts the resulting waste water back into clean water. The treated water can be discharged directly into the sewer or recycled back into industrial or agricultural operations. Residual organic matter meets standards for Class B Biosolid classification and waste water effluent meets municipal sewage discharge standards.

How Micron Can Help

Through working with Micron, city leaders can benefit from:

Data-driven decision making

Micron provides 24/7 data reporting to comply with the strict regulations associated with the treatment and disposal of organic waste.

Actionable insights

Micron transforms the data it collects into useful reports and insights, allowing city leaders to turn information into immediate operational improvements.

Scalable, sustainable solutions

The Organivore is a clean technology solution that can help municipalities effectively reduce their waste output.

Recognition as an environmental leader

In this day and age, people want to live in clean cities and take comfort in the fact that their cities are managing their operations in an environmentally responsible manner.