A Smarter Way To Deal With Food Waste

Micron helps food and beverage operators manage their food waste while prioritizing environmental responsibility, conserving money, and saving time.

Current Issues

According to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes, gets lost or wasted every year. In the United States, 40% of all food, worth US$160 billion, is wasted each year. In Canada, about $30 billion worth of food is wasted every year.

Food waste in landfills generates methane gas, one of the most potent greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. Hundreds of municipalities in North America and around the world are enforcing new regulations for the separate disposal of organic waste from regular waste.

According to a survey conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 2014, the total cost of food waste to the global economy amounted to approximately $2.6 trillion. With the global food demand estimated to increase by 60-70% by 2051, food waste will increasingly impact the environment, the economy, and society.

Our Solutions

Micron has developed a unique organic waste management system, the Organivore™, which processes organic waste directly on-site. The resulting waste water from the process is converted into clean water which can then be recycled, reused or safely discharged directly into the sewer.

How Micron Can Help

Through working with Micron, food and beverage operators can benefit from:

Data-driven decision making

Micron provides 24/7 data reporting to comply with strict regulations associated with the treatment and disposal of food waste.

Actionable insights

Micron transforms the data it collects into useful reports and insights, allowing food and beverage operators to turn information into immediate operational improvements.

Cost effective and sustainable solutions

The Organivore™ is a clean technology solution that can help food and beverage operators to properly dispose of food waste in a cost effective manner.

Scalable and mobile deployment

Micron’s system is deployed in a 40’HC shipping container with full thermal insulation and remote operability. Food and beverage waste is processed within 24 hours and can be sustained in a wide variety of weather conditions, making it suitable for deployment at land or at sea.