Finore Mining Enters into Amalgamation Agreement with Micron Waste Technologies Inc.
June 5, 2017
Finore Mining Provides Update on Amalgamation with Micron Waste Technologies Inc.
August 17, 2017
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Micron Waste Technologies Joins the National Zero Waste Council of Canada

Micron Waste Technologies is proud of becoming a member of the National Zero Waste Council of Canada. Micron joins 50 other leading businesses and business associations across Canada to support the Council’s initiative to bring together governments, businesses, and non-government organizations to advance waste prevention in Canada.

About Micron Waste Technologies
Micron Waste Technologies is a leading organic waste technology company based in Canada. We provide R&D based innovative solutions for the organic waste management. Through our strength of R&D, we offer the best alternative solutions to the global food waste problem worldwide. Recently, Micron Waste Technologies has developed and commercialized a food waste disposal system for On-Site food waste treatment without the need of transportation or hauling of waste. Our technology protects the environment, saves landfill space, reduces greenhouse gas emission, and above all saves money for the end-users.

About the National Zero Waste Council of Canada

Established by Metro Vancouver and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in 2012, the Council is governed by a Chair, Vice Chair, and a Management Board. Reflecting the complexity of waste prevention, the Board is multi-sectorial by design and includes representatives of Canadian business and industrial sectors, as well as different levels of government, public agencies, and community non-profit groups.